Remington Model 34 .22 Rifle

I have a new rifle!


Remington Model 34 NRA in .22LR.

Remington 34

According to Remington’s website, these guns were made from 1932 to 1935, so it’s an old ‘un! The Model 34 is not a well known gun and I am a bit surprised at this. It is very well made, shoots extremely well (as you will see later), and handles nicely. As far as I can tell, the barrel is even free-floated! I do not know, however, if this was the previous owners modification to my rifle or if they all came from the factory that way.

Remington 34

Remington made four different variation of the Model 34: the standard 34A, the 34 NRA Junior Target (a youth model), the 34P which came with peep sights, and the 34 NRA (which is what I have – also came with peep sights from the factory). Remington only lists the first three on their website, so I am assuming that means the NRA model was a commemorative gun. Other than the NRA marking on the barrel, I don’t know what other differences there would be between the 34 NRA and 34P although I have a suspicion that the interesting brass bolt handle and the brass trigger guard might be unique to the NRA model.

Remington 34

The peep sight is a Lyman 55R. Unfortunately, this one is missing the insert and, since the 55R is out of production, replacements are hard to find. However, I found that the inserts from Skinner Sights, which I have on a couple other guns, fit just fine.

Remington 34

Here you can see the safety switch which also functions as a bolt release.

Remington 34

If you didn’t notice those empty inlets in the stock before, you probably do now! There is one on each side of the gun and I am told they once housed shooting awards. If that is true, that is a good sign that this rifle should be plenty accurate. Since they look a little ugly, I would like to get some brass plates made to fit and inscribed with my last name.

Remington 34

As you can see, the stock is black walnut with some very nice grain patterns. Unfortunately, somewhere in its history, it had some paint splattered on it. Nothing major, just little tiny dots that appear all over the stock – you can see two on the right-hand side of the picture. This has me thinking about sanding the stock down and refinishing it.

Remington 34

She’s a Remington, folks!


Now equipped with a nice leather sling and an insert in the peep sight, my little Remington 34 is ready for our first range trip.


Here is what we will be trying: American Eagle High Velocity, Federal Match, Remington Golden Bullet (which shoots very well in my Iver Johnson Lever-action .22, the predecessor to Henry’s well-known H001), CCI Standard Velocity, and Winchester Super-X High Velocity.


American Eagle – 3 3/8″ group. Not a very auspicious start!


Federal Match – 2 3/8″ group. Better, but it still won’t win the 4th of July shooting contest! Besides, this rifle has got to be more accurate than this – I am shooting at fifty yards, which means that this would be a 4 3/4″ group at one hundred yards. Plenty of old military surplus rifles can do better than that! At fifteen dollars a box, I had high hopes for this ammo. Oh well…


Remington Golden Bullet – 2 1/4″ groups. Just because it works in one rifle that does not mean it will do well in the next one!


Winchester Super-X – 1 1/2″ group. That’s not too bad. Since this is high-velocity, hollow-point ammo, I will probably use this ammo if I ever hunt with the Remington 34.


Ah-ha! Now that is more like it! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner – CCI Standard Velocity at fifteen-sixteenths of an inch. I fired a few more groups with this ammo and they all looked great. In fact, from the looks of them, I would say that, with more practice, I could shrink those groups even more. This just goes to show how picky guns, especially .22s, can be with different types and brands of ammunition.

Remington 34

Well, it’s been fun. See you next time!

7 Responses to “Remington Model 34 .22 Rifle”

  1. John Robb Says:

    My dad had a Model 34 NRA that he got as a kid. I now have it. In great condition and a wonderful shooter. I shot it as a kid also. It does not have the brass on the bolt. I recently picked up a second Model 34 that is missing the Lyman 55R sight. I am finding out that it is a real booger to find! If anyone has one, let me know.n Thanks for posting your story!

  2. Stephen Spoor Says:

    My dad also passed down his Model 34 to me. As a kid I spent many hours down by the river shooting turtles and just about anything that moved. Great shooter! My dad re-finished the stock when he was a kid to questionable results. I have considered re-finishing it to original state but like the fact that it was something that he did. Other than that, all original. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Rick Buetow Says:

    Just received a standard 34 from a good friend/customer of mine. Her husband passed away a year ago, and didn’t want the gun around anymore. It looks to have been used quite a bit. It feels good in my hands and I’m anxious to get out and shoot it once I get it cleaned up. Just a FYI, I shot competition from age 12-19, and the only ammunition I used was CCI, very consistent. Love your peep site and the brass nob on the bolt.

  4. Deanna Smitha Says:

    Hi— had a model 34P growing up. Lost possession of it when my grandparents died & other relatives took all of my grandfather’s other firearms. I’m looking to replace it & would like to find someone who would be interested in selling one. I can be contacted through this link. Thank you.

  5. Zach Says:

    I came across an older version of this gun.
    Remington Short Long/ Long.

    I also have. German MOD1 DRP

    Happy hunting and holidays.

  6. James Lydigsen Says:

    I could be a buyer for your gun. I have a 34 NRA Target and need another gun for parts.

  7. ken Says:

    I recently was given a Remington 34r it was in really poor condition when I got it. since then I completely restored it. it came out real nice. it looks almost new again I cant wait to take it out and shoot it. I have the same problem some of you other guys have the peep sight is missing. does anyone have a clue where I can get one?

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